why a re-assessment of your currency philosophy is important now

In a low return environment, your currency decision has a far greater impact as a proportion of returns than in a high-return environment. Essentially, it can mean the difference between hitting a return target or not.

It’s vital asset managers understand how they can enhance their risk adjusted returns and make the most of every opportunity.


Why partner with an Australian manager?

Discover why we believe an Australian-based manager, with a global presence is the smart choice for Australian superannuation funds.




Why QIC?

We understand that each client mandate is unique. We also understand that being global is important - markets change, markets turn and we are there to access it and evolve with our clientss.  We offer a full suite of currency management solutions, tailored to ensure that it meets the needs of each individual investor.

These solutions range from passive hedging through to dynamic hedging and implementation services. 

The team is staffed by experts with years of practical investment management experience, focused on:


      Partnering with clients

Working as an extension to our client’s investment teams is in our DNA. We believe in partnering with investors to help to provide enhanced portfolio outcomes and achieve risk objectives in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


A research based approach leverages QIC's experience and market knowledge.  We identify opportunities and optimise outcomes for our clients through in-depth research and evaluation of hedging strategies, implementation effectiveness, portfolio efficiency and risk management principles.


Our global trading team consists of diverse, skilled traders bringing a breadth and depth of experience.  We focus on implementation efficiency and transparency to minimise transaction costs (both implicit and explicit) for our clients.

      Risk Management

QIC Currency Management is supported by QIC’s independent and well-resourced Risk, Legal and Tax Division (RLT) and a robust risk framework. In an ever-changing investment world, global regulations have become a key focus.

      Fiduciary Mindset

QIC acts in the client’s best interest to ensure competitive and transparent execution of decisions.


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