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Investment Insights

 QIC Market Beat: Crunch time approaches for European banking
Market Beat: Crunch time approaches for European banking
17 September 2014
Equity protection now - like 'buying straw hats in winter'
08 September 2014
Get ready for interest rate lift-off
30 June 2014
Market Beat: ECB determined not to 'turn Japanese'
19 June 2014
Market Beat: Federal Budget's fillip for infrastructure
19 May 2014
Red Paper: Looking beyond the benchmark for credit investing
11 March 2014
Market Beat: Time for China bears to calm down
12 May 2014
Market Beat: Is winter almost over? Pinpointing the rise in US interest rates
20 March 2014
Red Paper: Mid-year outlook to reveal another budget blow-out
01 December 2013
Red Paper: Currency - an undervalued tool for achieving portfolio objectives
01 October 2013
Currency: the Hidden FX Mark-Ups a Drain on Fund Returns
01 October 2013
Red Paper: Inflation - the risk that can bite
01 November 2013
Red Paper: Perspectives on fixed interest investing in a post QE world
01 August 2013

Media Releases

Queensland Motorways sold for $7.057 billion to Transurban Consortium
23 April 2014
Capital at risk as corporate bonds lose steam
11 March 2014
QIC annouces direct private equity investment into Ostwald Bros.
03 March 2014
AustralianSuper appoints QIC as US retail property investment manager
20 November 2013
QIC appoints Financial Advisers for Qld Motorways monetisation process
15 November 2013
QIC enters joint venture with Forest City to acquire US real estate portfolio
04 June 2013
The brave new world of private equity
22 November 2012
Inflation Plus Fund celebrates many happy returns
10 September 2012
QIC announces new Chief of Global Clients Products and Marketing
03 September 2012
Not all alternatives are created equal
16 August 2012

Economic Updates

QIC Economic Update - Record surge in Australian employment? We don’t think so…
Record surge in Australian employment? We don’t think so…
12 September 2014
ECB lowers rates and announces intention to conduct asset purchases
05 September 2014
Monthly Economic Brief - August 2014
09 September 2014
Australian economy slows in June quarter
01 September 2014
Equity markets resume their march higher
25 August 2014
European growth stalls in quarter 2
18 August 2014
Will unemployment cause the RBA to change course?
11 August 2014
Monthly Economic Brief - July 2014
12 August 2014
Will rising interest rates and geopolitical risks sink equities?
05 August 2014
Sticky inflation dashes hopes of rate cuts in Australia
28 July 2014
Ukraine crisis weighs on markets
18 July 2014
Global equity markets set new records in May
16 June 2014
Modest improvement in global economic activity over 2013/14
08 July 2014
US labour market data spurs equity markets
07 July 2014
US economy starts the year in the red
27 June 2014
Australian rates on hold
02 June 2014
The era of desynchronised monetary policy approaches
26 May 2014
Government hands down the 2014-15 Federal Budget
22 May 2014
What to expect from the 'infrastructure' budget
12 May 2014
Government releases Commission of Audit report
05 May 2014
Monthly Economic Brief
12 May 2014
RBA on hold following inflation report
24 April 2014
How worried should we be about China growth?
18 April 2014
AUD strength to challenge RBA
11 April 2014
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